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CitrusZest™ - The Ultimate Portable Electric Juicer

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Introducing: CitrusZest™ - The Ultimate Portable Electric Juicer

Revitalize Your Day, One Sip at a Time

Imagine a world where the vibrant flavors of fresh citrus fruits dance on your palate with every sip. Say hello to CitrusZest™, your passport to enjoying the succulent taste of natural juices, effortlessly crafted anytime, anywhere.


Step into a realm of unparalleled convenience and health with CitrusZest™ Portable Electric Juicer. No more squeezing, no more mess – just pure, luscious juice at your fingertips. Whether you're a busy professional, a fitness enthusiast, or a culinary explorer, this is the device you've been waiting for.


Juice, Simplified: Embrace the joy of indulging in freshly squeezed fruit juices, minus the labor. Our Portable Electric Juicer takes the effort out of the equation, empowering you to relish nature's elixirs without hassle.

Effortless Operation: With the magic of a single button, experience the transformation of your favorite citrus fruits into delectable, nourishing juice. The USB-powered juicer eliminates the need for manual labor, making it your trusty companion on hectic days.

Seed-Free Bliss: Bid farewell to those pesky seeds interrupting your juice bliss. The electric reamer, equipped with customizable cone sizes and pulp settings, ensures a seamless experience, extracting maximum goodness from your fruits.

Health Meets Innovation: Crafted with food-grade silicone nozzles and powered by a 45W motor, our Portable Electric Juicer embodies the perfect harmony of health and technology. Experience the embodiment of health in every drop.

Simplicity in Cleanup: We understand that convenience extends to the aftermath. CitrusZest™ is designed for easy cleaning – either by hand or in a dishwasher. Enjoy your juice without worrying about a daunting cleanup.

Versatility, Redefined: Embrace a world of citrus variety. From lemons to limes, oranges to grapefruits, CitrusZest™ works its magic on virtually every type of citrus fruit, granting you the freedom to experiment with flavors.

Experience the Zest:

Unleash the transformative power of CitrusZest™ Portable Electric Juicer in your life. Elevate your mornings, invigorate your workouts, and spark culinary creativity, one revitalizing sip at a time.


Material: ABS Plastic Voltage: 7.4V Power: 45W Power Supply: USB Size: 13.8x11.2x23.75cm / 5.43x4.41x9.35inch

Package Includes:

1 x CitrusZest™ Portable Electric Juicer 1 x USB Cable 1 x Manual

Revitalize Your World with Every Sip.

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