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Mini Home Theater Video Projector

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Introducing: The Luminary Wanderer - Mini Home Theater Video Projector

Unleash Cinematic Marvels Anywhere You Roam

Gaze upon the universe of entertainment, condensed into a portal of sheer marvel. Behold the Mini Home Theater Video Projector, your gateway to visual euphoria, your passport to immersive escapes, and your companion in carving moments etched in luminescence.


In the realm where size meets might, where weight yields to wonders, the Mini Home Theater Video Projector emerges as your answer to an unquenchable thirst for spectacle. A beacon of entertainment, this projector is designed to fit in the palm of your hand, yet holds the power to unleash cinematic brilliance on demand.


Compact Elegance: Behold the marvel of miniaturization. The projector's petite dimensions (1109050mm) and feather-light weight (0.25kg) transform it into your effortless travel companion, a conduit to awe in a compact shell.

Theatrical Finesse: Transform any surface into a canvas of cinematic brilliance. With a projection distance of 50-300cm and a projected dimension of 40-120 inches, your world becomes the stage for larger-than-life tales.

Audio Voyage: The projector is more than just sight; it's an auditory expedition. A 4Ω 3W sound system harmonizes with the visuals, casting an immersive net of sound that elevates every frame.

Luminary Legacy: Unveil a lifetime of luminescence. The LED light source boasts a life of 20,000 hours, a testament to its enduring commitment to paint your tales with brilliance.

Immersive Allure: The Mini Home Theater Video Projector isn't merely a device; it's a key to worlds within worlds. Whether business or leisure, the zoom function enables precision in image focus, delivering visuals that resonate.

Portals of Possibility: From AV to USB input interfaces, the projector is an orchestra of connectivity. With certifications of RoHS and CE, it assures the apex of quality and safety.


As the stars align, your cinematic escapade takes shape:

Dimensions: 1109050mm ✨ Weight: 0.25kg ✨ Sound: 4Ω 3W ✨ Screen Scale: 4:3/16:9 ✨ Power: 18W ✨ Lamp Life: 20,000 Hours ✨ Keystone Correction: Manual ✨ Input Interfaces: AV, USB, TF, 5V-2A ✨ Projection Distance: 50-300cm ✨ Projected Dimension: 40-120 inches ✨ Color Palette: Yellow, White, Black ✨ Brightness: 800 Lumens

Step Into the Eclipsing Odyssey:

Embrace a journey where your imagination knows no bounds, where screens expand and stories unfold. The Luminary Wanderer - Mini Home Theater Video Projector beckons you to traverse galaxies of delight, to orchestrate cinematic symphonies, and to relive moments through the prism of pure awe.

Summon Visual Euphoria Today:

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