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LuminaFlora™ Smart Plant Growth and Reading Lamp

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Introducing LuminaFlora™ Smart Plant Growth and Reading Lamp: Elevate Your Plant Care and Reading Experience!

Unleash the Power of Intelligent Plant Care and Enlightening Reading

Are you ready to embark on a journey of intelligent plant growth and nurturing reading sessions? Meet the LuminaFlora™ Smart Plant Growth and Reading Lamp—a revolutionary innovation designed to enhance your plant care routine and elevate your reading indulgence. Discover a world where your plants thrive and your reading experience is enriched like never before.


Step into the realm of LuminaFlora™, where intelligent technology converges with the art of nurturing plant life and immersing in the world of words. This innovative lamp offers you the perfect balance between nourishing your plants and indulging in your reading passions.


🌱 Intelligent Timing: Immerse yourself in the world of automated plant care. LuminaFlora™ operates on your schedule, with options to set 16 hours of vibrant fill light and 8 hours of rejuvenating rest. Activate the energy-saving red-blue pure planting mode with a simple double press.

🌱 Elevated Reading: Illuminate your reading adventures with precision. This lamp offers 5 levels of brightness adjustment, catering to your eye comfort and making your reading sessions soothing and delightful.

🌱 Cutting-Edge Hydroponic Technology: Experience plant care without limits. LuminaFlora™ employs special planting medium that keeps pests at bay and eliminates mosquito growth. The space meteorite medium boosts germination rates for thriving plants.

🌱 Double Reminder Function: Never let your plants thirst. LuminaFlora™ alerts you with a flashing red indicator light and a gentle alarm sound when water levels are low, ensuring your plants receive the hydration they deserve.

🌱 Special Intelligent Lighting: Experience the magic of optimized light. LuminaFlora™ simulates the sunlight spectrum with its special LED lamp beads, promoting photosynthesis and resulting in vivid, longer-lasting blooms. Embrace outdoor conditions indoors without the elements.


🔆 Power: 8.5w

🔆 Input Voltage: AC100-240V

🔆 Material: Sturdy ABS Shell

🔆 Size: As shown

🔆 Color Temperature: Positive white: 5500k; Red light: 660NM; Blue light: 460NM

🔆 LED: SMD5730

🔆 Light Effect: Full light ≥75LM; White light ≥90LM; Red light, blue light ≥20LM

🔆 Illumination Angle: 90°

🔆 Working Mode: Automatic lighting for plant growth or reading

Package Included:

1 x LuminaFlora™ Smart Plant Growth and Reading Lamp

1 x Light Pole

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Planting Machine

Unleash the beauty of thriving plants and elevate your reading journey with LuminaFlora™. Rediscover the joy of nurturing, the magic of reading, and the enchantment of intelligent innovation. Illuminate your life with LuminaFlora™ today and embrace the fusion of intelligent plant growth and enlightening reading indulgence!

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